Friday, June 27, 2008

We gone show you how to hustle...

About a year ago, I happened to stumble across this really catchy song called 'Day n Night' by a fella named Kid Cudi. I took an immediate liking to it, even gave it the elite honor of being my profile song on myspace (now you know that's special). But, that was that. Times changed, new profile songs stepped up their game, and I never heard from that Kid Cudi guy again.....until today. I swear, I was just doing my usual browsing, checking in on the usual sites and blogs or what not, and KC was getting so much love! Shout outs left and was crazy. Talk about being on your grind though...and that's what it's seriously all about. If you really want something, if you really believe in your dream....go ahead and go after that shit. But don't just try and go after it, you better DO it. If some people act like they don't want to hear you, snatch that option from them and MAKE them hear you. Be in control of what you do, because it's no secret....NO ONE can DO YOU better than you can.

With that said, let me go ahead and shout out some peeps:



Yeah, you probably remember the interview I did with this fella awhile ago. Well, I'm back to tell you that there's more where that came from! This kid stays on his hustle, and I'm here to tell you to look out for his first project titled 'The 99' Lakers LP" on July 19th!



Unfortunately, I never got the chance to get my interview with this kid, but I still gotta show love anyway because he pretty much embodies the true definition of 'staying on your grind'. If you haven't already, go and visit to download his project, The Birth.

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