Friday, June 27, 2008

As Seen On TMZ

So you would never know this, but I've always had this fascination with 'little people.' I don't know if maybe it's because I'm a taller girl, but I've always been pretty amazed that they are just like you and I...but just smaller. But does that mean that EVERYTHING about a little person is small??? If you get my drift....
I may be weird, but Verne Troyer aka Mini Me has got my mind racing these days. Check out this story from TMZ:


Verne Troyer has filed a $20 million lawsuit, claiming TMZ violated his rights by publishing and airing portions of his sex tape.

In the suit, filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in downtown L.A., Troyer claims TMZ violated his privacy rights and infringed on his copyright and trademark by running portions of the tape on TMZ TV and He also alleges TMZ violated his right of publicity and misappropriated his name and likeness.

Troyer says the tape was stolen and ended up in the hands of Kevin Blatt, the guy who distributed "One Night in Paris." Blatt is also named as a defendant.

In addition to damages, Troyer wants an injunction prohibiting further dissemination of the video.

I mean, of course little people have sex too....but until I saw clips from his sex tape, it never really hit me that little people have sex too! And Mini Me must not be so "mini" after all since his girl looks to be about 5'6"....on her back anyway.

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